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3 Kids Themes for Malls in Indonesia

In the last couple days we have been to several malls. It seems like that’s the only thing to do around here. There are quite a few malls. They all seem to be busy even during the week.

Every mall has a different theme for the kids. We saw the tallest Lego Santa in Asia.

Jakarta Indonesia, Asia Mall Lego Santa 

This is taken from the third level.

There were a lot of kids around playing with Lego’s.  Apparently it was a holiday on the day we were there.

Biggest Lego Santa in Asia 

They also had a Lego snowman and Christmas tree.

Lego SnowmanLego Christmas Tree

Another day we went to another mall and their theme was Disney. They had a Princess Disney castle. There wasn’t anything going on but they had a lot of Disney things. My son was looking around trying to find the princess.

Disney Princess Castle

He did however find his new favourite character Doraemon.


One night my wife and I went to a midnight sale. It was from 8pm till midnight. On the way there we got stopped by a train. She told me to make sure I look at the train as it goes by. There were people on top of the train. I guess this is normal for here. They will either hang out on top or from the sides just for a free ride or if they can’t get tickets to get on it. I guess the same goes for buses too.

The mall had a Dora the explorer theme. There was a DJ playing House and dance music as well as the department store. There was also a set-up for a band. We were only there for a couple hours so I’m not sure if they changed over to a band or if that was for another day.

Senayan City Mall

Senayan City Mall

The malls here in Indonesia always seem to have something interesting going on.



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